Manel Rhaiem

Web Developer | Enthousiaste


The Mozilla Festival happened in London, It was an awesome Festival, it gathered passionate technology makers and creators eager to share their skills and many of them coming from different countries.

Mozilla Festival 2014

I was invited to this festival as a Festival facilitator with the other reps, firstly I want to thanks Mozilla and all the Reps for this opportunity.

I arrived on 23th October at 4:20pm exactly and it was too difficult to get to the Hotel. When I arrived to the Mozilla Office, I began with introducing my self and my contributions as a Rep. So the meeting was about the schedule of our participation to Mozilla Festival and we shared some gifts from our countries and some goodies. It was a funny first day with Reps.

The First Day of Mozilla Festival was on 24th October. We met all the other volunteers of the Mozilla Festival and we planned for our sessions. First in this day I worked with Deb (is an amazing reps from India), we worked on Mozilla Reps presentation slides for the science fair booth. I am very glad to work with you, deb

work in group

And I presented the Popcorn Maker with Ankit (who is also another reps from India and Webmaker Mentor), it was really amazing all the people coming andasking us about the tools: how does it work? how how can I use it ? and for what I will need it and sometimes we talked about the Webmaker Project.

On 25th October was the first Big day, I joined the keynote in the morning and after that I have joined the session of Mozilla Student Ambassador Recruitment it was a funny session. Also I had a talk with the Hive Community and they asked me if I want to make a local community in Tunisia and it was grateful opportunity for me so we shared our contact after a long talk and I am so motivated to make local hive community in Tunisia. In the afternoon I joined the Maker Party booth, all the stands are amazing there, they are many kids child teenager old people adult it was AMAZING and I helped on the popocorn Maker booths and I had talked again to people about PopCorn Maker and show them how to use it and what is the goal of Popcorn Maker.

explain the needed of popcorn maker

After a long day we had a dance party with karaoke it was so funny we have a hindi dance and I have joined the indian guys on the stage.

dancing lungui dance

The last day of Mozilla Festival was the most tiring and amazing day, I came too early to the Venue with other Reps to get our Flame and I spent all the day flashing the flame given to the attendees and explain more how to use it and how to Flash it for the people who asked for the engineering build.


It was a very exhausting and crazy experience for me. I really had fun, know a lot of things and discovered a lot of things. Also I have met the craziest and most beautiful people in this world :D